Get to know the professionals at Raven Management Solutions.

Robert Gallant; BA, MBA
Owner / President

Since 1998 Robert has been working at the management level in the non-profit sector as well as consulting and project managing in the corporate and government sectors. His diverse educational background, unique competencies and a wealth of practical knowledge make him a valuable asset to any organization. He has played a key role in managing and consulting on various non-profit arts and cultural organizations, conference events, social action projects, and sports events in Atlantic Canada, across the country and overseas.

Project management, event coordination, strategic development, research, proposal writing, finance, fundraising, human resources, marketing and media relations are just a few highlights of Robert’s diverse skill set. His proven ability to develop and maintain challenging and often complicated relationships across interdisciplinary organizations and various time zones has been essential to more than one project’s success. Through a strong commitment to community development and an engaged presence on a number of committees and boards, Robert has earned the respect and garnered the support of numerous government agencies and officials at municipal, provincial and federal levels as well as community service providers and the business community.

Consultation, strategic planning, innovation and quality of delivery have always been the cornerstones of Robert’s approach to Project Management and he will transfer these talents into the tasks ahead with your organization.

Kevin Macintyre
Event Manager & Talent Agent

Kevin has been involved in the entertainment industry as a professional musician for over 30 years. During this time, he has played with and alongside many of Canada’s top musicians at local gigs and festivals, has toured nationally and has won numerous awards and accolades with his band, The Divorcees.

Kevin also has extensive experience in the hospitality industry having spent 17 years working for a global luxury brand of hotels. During his 17-year tenure, 11 of those years were spent in management overseeing a team that supported hotels with event management, branding and ease of execution of events. This experience has allowed Kevin to hone key professional competencies such as leadership and people management skills, excellent communication skills, managing contracts and negotiations skills. He has also been a panelist at multiple industry conferences across Canada and the United States and was awarded Leader of the Year in 2016 by both his employer and Contact NB.

Seasoned in both the entertainment industry and corporate industry, Kevin brings a wealth of experience that touches on many essential aspects that lead to success in both event and talent management. His drive for success and desire to execute with efficiency and accuracy compliments the robust offerings that RMS provides to each client and event.

Tracy LeBlanc
Administrative Assistant

Tracy received an “Award of Excellence” when she graduated at the top of her class with a diploma in Office Administrative Assistant in 2004. Following graduation, she worked as a mortgage company administrator in Toronto for two years followed by fifteen years with a major telecommunications company. Behind the scenes she worked with a team to maintain high levels of customer satisfaction and supporting management in daily operations. A desire for change and new challenges led her to Raven Management Solutions (RMS) in 2021.

Tracy has made herself an invaluable member of the RMS team assisting in planning and running events, communications, bookkeeping, public relations, and client support services for several projects including the HubCap Comedy Festival, the Construction Association of New Brunswick – Moncton Northeast and more.

Her extensive administrative experience, attention to detail and quick adaptability allows her to contribute and thrive in the challenging world of event management, association support services and whatever new project requires her support.