International Development

Practical experience, business and social action development expertise, as well as our multi-language skills are just a few of the reasons that selecting Raven Management Solutions (RMS) will be a solid management decision to provide you with the tools you need to succeed. In any social programming situation consistency and quality are essential to maintaining the trust and respect in the local environment and our services are designed to meet these complex nuances of International Development.

Our goal in international development is to help developing organizations to be better positioned within their social and cultural context in order to withstand the shifting tides of international aid. By seeking to strengthen an organization’s financial situation at the local level, we help them to develop core programming stability that enables them to carry on with their essential services during times when international aid is in a deficit situation. By investing in sustainable development initiatives, successful and meaningful outcomes will become consistent. Through wise investment, funding agencies can better ensure a long-term legacy of their funding dollars.

Project Management

Whether you’re a non-profit organization, an incorporation or a government agency that requires a specialized skill set for a social action project or sustainable business development; RMS has the background and expertise you are seeking. We bring a wealth of management background and practical expertise from within the international development context that is strengthened by a socially conscientious business viewpoint and a natural approach to diplomacy, all of which will leave you feeling confident with your choice of contracted services.

In the non-profit arena, RMS uses tried and true methodologies such as service learning, capacity building and social asset development. These tools are used to carry out social action projects in areas like literacy, crime prevention through social development, youth employment, volunteerism, community development, youth leadership, entrepreneurship and mentorship.

Revenue Stream Development

In the Northern context, most non-profit organizations have revenue streams based on service-for-fee offerings or assured funding and granting partners. Many Southern partners rely largely on Northern funding agencies and possess no internal mechanisms to assure the long-term sustainability of their charitable services. RMS believes that the need to create viable revenue sources with developing partners is both essential and attainable. Through close consultation with the developing partner and a careful study of the potential local and international business markets, RMS will help identify meaningful and achievable revenue avenues for non-profit organizations.

Many non-profit organizations are seeking new resource avenues, but often lack available and qualified staff to create these new initiatives. With our background and experience we can assist or manage the various stages necessary to bring these essential fiscal initiatives to life. Market research, business plan writing, seeking financial resources, product development, human resource planning, marketing and sales are all areas that will need detailed attention in order to succeed. Creating a socially conscientious business model is also essential to the credibility, accountability and transparency required in this type of venture.

The earned revenues from the goods or services that are provided by the new business component can then be re-invested into an organizations basic charitable programming. While complete self-sustainability may be unattainable, we may at least be able to create a significant stability factor that will maintain core social programming.

Project Development & Consultation

RMS has the expertise you’re seeking to make your event or social action idea become reality. We have the resources to develop each stage or only specific portions of your project depending on your identified needs. Program architecture, financial assessment, funding research, proposal writing and evaluation are areas of specialization that can be applied to turn your concept into a concrete project.

NGO Infrastructure Development

One of the key factors in sustainable development of programs and organizations is conscientious infrastructure development. Strategic planning, board governance, human resources, financial management, bylaw and constitution drafts and branding are all critical areas for NGO management. Taking the time to develop a healthy and vibrant infrastructure will make the sustainable development of your organization a reality.

Solid infrastructure planning greatly assists in achieving critical confidence levels from financiers, government contract agencies and for trusted brand positioning in the community. RMS can help new or existing organizations achieve these goals by building the required infrastructure from the bottom up or by doing a capacity assessment to identify areas that need attention.